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Car News

Car News

London Air Quality


With rising pollution and increased awareness of the need to protect our planet, it comes as no surprise that so much is being done to try and ensure that London's air is as clean as it can possibly be. The congestion charges were one of the first things to be implemented, then came the Ultra-Low Emission Zone...


英国准房主在搬家时会寻找什么?马歇尔(Marshalls)准确地找到了寻房者在寻求完美住房时想要的东西。 私人停车场的费用 在寻找理想的房屋时,潜在的英国房主会寻找什么?优越的地理位置?房屋面积?巨大的花园?私人的...


Anyone that goes out looking for a brand new or used car to buy will doubtless be aware that there is a veritable plethora of cars on the market from numerous manufacturers! Savvy car shoppers will often head to the World Wide Web in order to better research the shortlist of cars they are interested in...
Car Repair Costs


According to a report commissioned by Kwik-Fit, the average motorist in the UK spends £162 per month on running their car. While this includes fuel, insurance, road tax, and servicing, it doesn’t take into account the cost of the car itself or emergency repairs. 不幸的是,意外维修是其中的一部分 以及拥有...的包裹

RAC’s 30年度驾驶报告

For the last 30 years, the RAC has canvassed the UK's road users to asses their attitude and opinions on a range of topics. You can review the RAC's digestible interactive overview (and download the full 50-page report) by following this link. If you are short on time read our article which summarises the main messages....
Audi A1 Sportback


As the end of 2018 draws near and we start to move into 2019, Audi is set to release a range of new and updated models this winter. From an improved hatchback to powerful Sportback and upgraded SUVs, there’s plenty of variety in store to suit many types of drivers. With a quality Audi warranty in place to protect...


冬季或夏季,无论风雨无阻,故障都是每个驾驶者最糟糕的噩梦。如果您前往该国工作或开车经商,后果可能不只一个小时就被雨水浸透。 尽管总是最好从RAC之类的受信任提供商那里获取故障单,但预防通常比治愈容易。


For some, it’s the distinctive bark of the V12 engine. For others, it's the pure nostalgia and history behind those iconic wings on the bonnet. Then there’s the ballistic quality and the sheer power of these incredibly beautiful cars. But whichever way you look at it, Aston Martins are very special cars indeed. Even the name is enough to...

您的汽车的完整指南’s MOT Testing

您的汽车的完整指南's MOT Testing First introduced by the government in 1960, an MOT comprises a series of tests which are undertaken by registered mechanics. Essentially, they are in place to ensure the road worthiness of your car. This means essential parts of the car are checked for conformity to the law. Steering, lights, brakes and tyres were...
The Audi in I Robot


For a luxury car company, Audi still devotes a lot of its time and attention to highlighting the practical aspects of the vehicles. For example, the Audi Ur-Quattro dominated the world rally in the 1980s, and today’s R18 e-tron Quattro came in first in the sports car’s World Endurance Championship. When you buy an Audi, you’re getting more than...
West Way Nissan

日产West Way收购新经销商

英国’s largest Nissan Dealer group is now even bigger! The latest acquisition by West Way Nissan group has expanded their network to 5 dealerships in the West Midlands with the takeover of Colliers Nissan in Birmingham, Acocks Green.  This adds to their existing dealerships in London, Manchester and the M3 corridor. 最新的产品采用了West Way ...


We hear a lot about the technologies and testing of self-driven cars (also referred to as driverless or autonomous cars). This niche is constantly evolving, and we see manufacturers and technology giants getting engaged in the battle for dominance. Of course, the stakes are high. Successful public testing probably guarantees dominance over a huge market but media interest in...
The New VW Amarok


大众商用车在开拓者挑战赛上推出高级车型 大众商用车公司最新推出的Amarok皮卡旨在为您提供最平稳的驾驶体验,无论您是在繁忙的城市交通中还是在崎wild不平的越野地形中导航。 为了证明这个新模型的操控性和功能多么精美,大众商用车公司成立了两个团队,分别负责...


The Ford Fiesta has changed a lot since it first launched in the 70s and unless you are a major car enthusiast, you might not have kept up with every model as it has been updated. Well fear not as the Foray Motor Group have created the interactive history of the Ford Fiesta which will help educate you in...

Vehicle Shipping

Modern life provides many of us with the opportunity (or necessity) to live and work at the other side of our country or even internationally. What we choose to take with us when we go varies but normally the complications and costs involved in transportation restrict us. What if you want or need to take a vehicle with you?...


以下是过去50年电影史上最令人难忘的汽车。看看您记得多少..电影中最著名和标志性的汽车清单是由霍华兹汽车集团(Howards Motor Group)制作的,您可以在此处查看完整的信息图。

是债券’s Greatest Ever Car?

James Bond is not only famous for his license to kill, being a womaniser and his love of shaken not stirred martinis, but also his collection of modern and classic cars. He's been known to drive 23 cars over the decades, from the much-loved Aston Martin DB5 to the famous car-chasing Ford Mustang Mach 1. 随着幽灵将...

The Top 10 BMWs

Top 10 BMWs

标致的男人’s first car

他帮助领导生产第一款电动汽车的公司似乎并没有引起人们的注意,但今年是Armand Peugeot逝世100周年。 为了突出这位法国人对汽车工业的贡献,在线汽车购买服务“ Sell Your Jamjar”最近在其一生中发表了一篇颇有见地的文章,回顾了他的一生。


Ford have been making the Fiesta since 1976, giving them just shy of 40 years to get it right and that’s just what they’ve done with the current Mark VII. There are many reasons to buy one of these practical super minis, but here we’ve boiled it down to the top six. 首先,范围广泛,但易于理解...